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Moving Out

  1. Let Everyone Know You're Leaving


    Arrange for final billing and service cessation (or provide forwarding address)

    Consumers Energy

    Contact Consumers Energy for electrical service at (800) 477-5050.

    DTE Energy

    Contact DTE Energy for gas service (heat, hot water) at (800) 477-4747.

    Post Office

    Fill out a change of address form and send it to the post office, or at Your mail will be returned to the sender(s) if this form is not submitted to the post office.

    Campus View Office

    Stop in and let us know your forwarding address (you can also do this when you turn in your key).

  2. Clean Your Unit

    Please leave your unit in a condition like you received it, other than normal wear and tear. Be sure to leave behind the shower curtains, cutting boards, ice trays, etc. that were provided at move-in. If these are missing, you will be charged for replacement.

    We will assess your unit after you've moved out for damage beyond normal wear and tear. Common charges include:

    • Carpet cleaning (stains)
    • Repainting (marks on walls, adhesive or holes in walls larger than push pin size)
    • Garbage removal (trash left in unit, including personal items left behind)
    • Replacement (damaged curtains, blinds, rods, burner pans, or ovens)
    • Deodorizing (minimum $200 fee each for pet and/or smoking)
  3. Move Out

    You must be completely moved out by 12:00 noon on the last day of your lease (refer to your lease). Give us a call if you're not sure about your move-out date.

    If you're coming back next year to the same unit and have a garage, there's no need to haul all your stuff home. Feel free to store your stuff in your garage for free!

  4. Return Your Key

    Turn in all keys (entrance and bedroom keys) to the Campus View office. No deposit refunds will be issued until all keys (yours and your roomates) are turned in. If you have lost a key, notify the office and a charge will be assessed.