April 21, 2022

Cheap Eats – Glizzy Edition

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Cheap Eats – Grill Yeats

Most of us live on the cheap when we go to college…after all, you have to pay for food, where you live, books, tuition (and whatever fun we can muster with the rest). Mom?..Dad?…any help here? Eating cheap CAN mean boring, but does it have to? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Since you’re probably worried about your next exam and don’t want to search for a way to twist your buds, here are a few ways to keep it real. Fire up that grill because you’re going for a wild ride into the wild world of how to make this cheap eating fun!

  1. Quesadogas! Tex-mex with the cheapest meat on the planet.
  2. BLTD’s. What’s that? Bacon lettuce tomato dog silly. You got this.
  3. Daco. Yo quiero taco dog. Add a little guac if you got some extra $$.
  4. Spice Dog. Spice girls meet Snoop. It’s all in the sauce baby.
  5. Poppagliz. Jalapeño, cream cheese, bacon…delish

Glizzy’s are a kick ass way to fill your belly and make it interesting. Summertime is here, and that makes it glizzy season. So get these dogs barking, and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!