Hello! I decided to move home because of family reasons, I am looking for someone to sublease my room in a townhome style B 4bed 2bath as soon as possible. There are two males and one female living there as well. They are very nice and clean. If interested, please message me at my phone number. The lease is up in May but you could always renew! The other 3 are not renewing their leases, so if you would like to move in and have your friends apply as well, or have other roommates in mind, they could apply. Rent is 470 flat fee, and utilities are included in your rent so rent is usually about 530 a month. Application fee to transfer the lease into your name is $550 and first months rent would be $470. It does come with a garage as well. There is only one garage for the whole townhome. Thank you!

Contact Person: Abby
Contact Info: 9378258138
Date Posted: January 12, 2023