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Frequently Asked questions

It says my package was delivered, how do I get it?

In general, packages from UPS, FedEx and Amazon are delivered to the HUB parcel locker in the clubhouse.  To use the HUB, you must sign up through your Amazon account after receiving an invitation (usually within a week after move in).  The notification you receive from Amazon will contain a single use pick up code that you can enter at the HUB to retrieve your package.  If the United States Postal Service delivers a package, it will generally be to a parcel locker attached to your post box near your unit.  A key will be left in your mailbox that will open the parcel locker.  See the handbook for further details.

Do I need a permit to park my car?

Yes! Permits expire August 31 and new permits start September 1.  Permits cost $100 if purchased BEFORE September 1 and $150 on or after September 1.  See the handbook for further details.

Do my guests need to have a parking permit?

Yes!  24 hour guest passes are available to print through the website.  These will be valid 24 hours from the time they were generated.  See the handbook for further details.

If I get a new vehicle, do I need a new permit?

Yes!  Take the old permit off and bring it to the office (even if it’s in pieces) for a free replacement.  However, if you aren’t able to produce the old permit, you’ll be charged $150 for a replacement.

Can I borrow a vacuum from Campus View?

Yes! Stop in at the office and we will lend you a vacuum.  Generally, it should be returned within 2 hours after borrowing.

Can I borrow a shovel from Campus View?

Yes! You are responsible for shoveling the walk from your door to the main sidewalk and we have shovels for you to borrow from the office.  Generally, it should be returned within 2 hours after borrowing.

What if my neighbors are being too loud, is there someone I can contact?

Absolute Security is the go to for any security or noise issues you may have.  Their number is 616.245.4500.

How late is the clubhouse open?

Campus View’s clubhouse is open 24/7.  The only amenity not available all the time is tanning, which is only available during office hours by appointment.

How do I use tanning?

You can sign up for tanning here. You may schedule up to 2 appointments per week.

Can I bring a friend to the pool and clubhouse?

Definitely.  We allow one guest per resident in the clubhouse and pool/hot tub areas.

I don't have a roommate, can you place me with someone?

Yes! We can place you into a unit based on your preferences.  You can also post an ad through our roommate finder.

How do I make a Maintenance Request?
Something in your place not working properly? Click here to make your request and we’ll get right on it.
I'm locked out - what do I do?
  • During office hours, just stop in or call us and we’ll help you out.
  • During non-office hours (5-9PM) call 616.892.2107 ($20 charge).
  • During non office hours (8-4AM) call Absolute Security 616.245.4500 for assistance ($20 charge).
  • If above numbers do not yield results after 1 hour during non-office hours call 616.375.1101 ($50 charge).