Moving In & Out Procedures

What you need to know

Moving In Procedures

There’s a few things you should know, and a few you’ll need to do. We’ve made it easy for you to keep track of if all right here. Go through the 4 steps below and be sure to take the necessary steps to complete all the requirements mentioned. You’ll be feeling at home before you know it!

Make Your Rent Payment

Prior to moving in, you must pay rent and your utility convenience fee to receive keys. You can pay your rent and utility fee online by logging into your account and using either an e-check (free) or credit card (fee applies). You may also mail a check or money order to the Campus View office.

Note about utilities:

As a service to you, Campus View manages your utilities. You will not have to turn on your gas or electricity to move in. Charges are split individually based on the number of individuals in your unit. Your portion of cost will be posted to your account on a monthly basis.

High speed internet is provided to you at no charge and is installed upon move in. To add services or request maintenance, contact Acentek at 616.895.9911.

We provide you with over 100+ channels from Dish Network. If you are interested in adding additional cable boxes, select premium channels or PPV options call DISH at (800) 454-0843. Press * three times to be transferred to a customer service rep. Tell the Rep you live at a MDU called Campus View Apartments and Townhomes and they will help you.

Pick Up Keys

You can move in on the day your lease commences (refer to your lease). Please note, only you may pick up your keys anytime between 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday. Your first months rent much be paid before you can move in. Please refer to your letter for move-in dates or give us a call.

Check In

You or your roommate must complete the online damage assessment form no more than one week after moving in. Be sure to note all stains, marks, and other imperfections in your unit. If the check-in sheet is not received within one week any such problems will be deemed to have occurred during your tenancy and charges will apply.

Get A Parking Pass

If you have a car at Campus View, you must purchase a parking pass at the office, $100 for the entire year. Parking passes must be purchased by August 31 at 5:00pm. Starting September 1, passes cost $150 and your car could be booted or towed.

All guests must have a valid guest parking permit displayed on the vehicle. Print a 24 hour guest parking permit here.

Moving Out Procedures

Know Before You Go


Utility billing is based on usage, so billing is delayed by 1 month. This means the utility bill posting this month is for the prior months usage. Rather than billing you after move out, your final utility bill will include an estimated charge for your final month of utilities.

Post Office

Fill out a change of address form and send it to the post office, or at Your mail will be returned to the sender(s) if this form is not submitted to the post office.

Campus View Makes Moving Out Easy

Move Out Packets are available in both the Office and Clubhouse and MUST be used when turning keys in. Packets may also be used for moving out durning closed office hours.

Clean Your Unit

Please leave your unit in a condition like you received it, other than normal wear and tear. Be sure to leave behind the shower curtains, cutting boards, ice trays, etc. that were provided at move-in. If these are missing, you will be charged for replacement(s).

We will assess your unit after you’ve moved out for damage beyond normal wear and tear. Common charges include:

  • Carpet cleaning (stains)
  • Repainting (marks on walls, adhesive or holes in walls larger than push pin size)
  • Garbage removal (trash left in unit, including personal items left behind)
  • Replacement (damaged curtains, blinds, rods, burner pans, or ovens)
  • Deodorizing (minimum $200 fee each for pet and/or smoking)

Move Out

You must be completely moved out by 12:00 noon on the last day of your lease (refer to your lease). If you’re not sure about your move-out date you can log into your CV portal and refer to your lease document.

If you’re coming back next year to the same unit and have a garage, there’s no need to haul all your stuff home. Garage Permit forms are available from in the office. Once you have labled your items properly with the summer permit you can store your stuff in your garage for free!

Move Out Packet & Returning Keys

Each set of keys (entrance, bedroom, mail & fob) MUST be returned to Campus View using a Move Out Packet. Move Out Packets must be filled out completely including Unit Number and a valid forwarding address where Security Deposit can be mailed. No deposit refunds will be issued until all keys are turned in. If you have lost a key, please notify the office and a charge will be assessed.