April 21, 2022

5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

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5 Memories to Make During Graduation Season

You know what they say: “Once A Laker, Always A Laker.” You are going to carry the memories that you made here—both on-campus @ GV, and off-campus @ CV—with you wherever you go in life. Doesn’t that sound special? We think so, but…isn’t it also kind of a lot of pressure to try to make memories while you’re trying to make the grade? Oh, MOST definitely! That’s why this tiny window between finishing finals and walking the stage is the perfect time to cram in a few insta-worthy activities for your graduation photo-book.

After commencement, stroll around campus in your cap and gown:

Mom and dad might be so proud that it’s annoying, but they’re not wrong when they tell you that you do be lookin’ fresh in that cap and gown. Taking a walk through Campus while rocking your graduation raiments is one way to put yourself in that reflective mode. Think back on all the times that you staggered through Campus in a haze of exhaustion, your hair still wet from the shower, wearing the same clothes you did the day before. It wasn’t always easy, but you did it.

Prepare a celebratory dinner with your roomies:

Going out with your parents is one way to celebrate graduation, but your parents can only appreciate your college experience from the outside. They weren’t there through the six-hour study marathons, the four-coffee crunch-times, or the after-finals turn-ups. So, before you all go your separate ways, gather together in your cozy little kitchen, cook your favorite college dinner, and look back on all the times that you shared: the late-night laughs, the hot tub turn-ups, the tear-inducing grind seshes, and, above all else, the Laker love.

Write a letter to your favorite professor:

All professors are not created equal, and the right one in the right class can make a huge difference in the course of a student’s life. Taking that Microbiology seminar during your freshman year might have been the reason that you decided to pursue a career in life sciences, or maybe you learned to love poetry when your English professor put you on Langston Hughes. We’ve all had that “ah-ha moment” that makes the academic side of college life so rewarding, and writing a letter to thank the professor who brought you that moment isn’t just good for them – it’s good for you too! That way, you won’t forget the lesson, and you’ll have built a relationship with the professor that goes beyond the classroom.

Go buy some swag at the Laker Store:

Graduation only lasts a day, but that sweatshirt that gets you fresher than the water in Lake Michigan is going to last you for YEARS. Plus, if you go with mom and dad after

commencement, they’re probably going to be so blinded by emotion that they’ll buy you whatever you want! And the best part is—you totally deserve it! Graduating from college is a major accomplishment, so just throw those GV joggers in the bag and enjoy the moment, because the “real world” is coming soon, baby, and this might be your last chance to spend your parents’ money…until Christmas, at least. And the last one would be…

Don’t forget to say goodbye to the Campus View crew!

From the office staff to the social media team, all of us at CV appreciate the opportunity to hear what’s next for our residents. We like to think that your successes are our successes, and the more you achieve, the more we believe in you. So, if you’re graduating, give us a quick send-off- and, if you’re not, then we’ll see you next year! 😉